We care about sustainability

From the get-go, this was a big one for us. More than that, our very first market research survey concluded that 80% of our potential customers made purchasing decisions based on a company’s environmental impact. We totally understand, as we do the same. 

100% Recycled Packaging. You would think that plastics that have already been used would be cheaper right? Wrong! They are more expensive. Regardless, even as a small business this was something we wanted to invest in. Yes we could have bought brand new, cheap plastic to save ourselves a dollar… but it ate us up so much and was just not an option. All of our products are bottled in 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled plastics), meaning they have all been used before! Hold onto your bottles because we are working on the ability to refill these in the near future! Which means your g’oodles bottles will be able to be used again and again!

Biodegradable packaging. When you order from us you will receive your products in a compostable mailer - like, this can literally go in your green bin! It's made from plants and Australian owned by the legends at HeapsGood. Our mailers start to degrade in front of us if we don't use them in time (need another reason to order from us?!). Your shampoo and spray will also be wrapped in Hex-Wrap, to keep your goodies safe instead of bubble wrap.

Australian Made. This doesn’t just mean supporting local products, jobs and industries here in Australia but it also means there is less freight transportation which  contributes to harmful emissions and noise pollution. Made in Melbourne, Australia, our products have not been shipped or flown in from anywhere overseas. 

Palm Oil, Sulphate and Paraben free. It goes without saying that we love our furry friends from all walks of life. Palm oil as an ingredient is responsible for deforestation and the destruction of the natural habitats that many threatened and endangered species inhabit. Not only are our products palm oil free, they are sulphate and paraben free. We have spent months researching what was happening all over the world and keep up to date with chemicals that are banned in the EU and America (and not banned in Australia), to ensure we are always ahead of the game for your g’oodle.

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