From the Owners: Our Non-Negotiables

Poodles and poodle crosses are what have brought us together, and we wouldn't have it any other way. You may have bought one because they are ‘supposed’ to be hypoallergenic or non-shedding, or perhaps because of their gentle and friendly nature. But chances are, you may not have not have known how much time, effort, money and training was going to go into their coat!

So here are our 2 non-negotiables to get you started:

Start ‘em young! 

Easier said than done! When you bring pup home you really want to desensitise them to the process and the tools. The first time you introduce your pup to a brush you may not even get the brush on the coat - and that’s totally fine! Perhaps you put the brush on the floor and let the dog sniff it - then treat him! Next time, maybe you pick up the brush and move it toward the dog and let them sniff it - then treat him! Slowly but surely, let your dog trust the brush (and the process) and work up to working the brush through their coat. This goes for introducing your pup to the bath and the feel and sound of running water as well. If your dog is motivated by treats or the ball, or a cuddle - then have these on hand ready to praise!

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Dogs thrive on routine, and so do their coats! 

You may notice this line from our shampoo and detangling spray bottles, and it’s because it is so damn important to us! Your curly dog requires regular brushing, at least 3 times a week. We know this is hard, especially when there's knots, your dog is throwing itself into the walls and you have been at work all day. Not fun! Try and set aside 10 minutes (3x a week) to dedicate to this time. It’s bonding time with your pet and it does a world of good for their coat. Put some relaxing music on, pop your g’oodle in a spot they feel safe and secure and use our detangling spray to help get through those last few knots.

We recommend line brushing by separating your dog's hair into parts and working through with a slicker brush. "A slicker brush is best suited for curly coats to get down to the skin. Also running a greyhound comb over them can really take care of their coat properly and help to prevent matting or knots," said groomer Natalie, who has been in the industry for close to 15 years. When focusing on the ears, hold the ear flat on your hand and brush down. When getting into hard to reach places like the legs, try and hold your dog by the elbow so they feel stable. 

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