The Hidden Dangers of Matting in Dogs: Why Prevention is Key

‘Why does a dog get matting?’ ‘How do I prevent matting?’ ‘OODLE MATTING HELP ME’. I’m sure these are all things you have googled at some stage. So we are here to help you!

Harnesses, collars, jackets. Basically anything that causes friction! Now, we’re not telling you to stop these things - obviously, that would just be CRAZY! But just don’t leave them on for prolonged periods of time. Let your dog get nakey and give those problem areas (belly, neck, chest) a big ol’ brush and comb using g’oodles detangling spray. Some owners like to use the rolled collars to prevent matting, just always check in with your dog to make sure they are comfortable and safe. 

Brushing and grooming. Oodles still shed hair. It’s just that instead of finding it in tumbleweeds on your floor, it gets stuck in their coats and needs to be brushed out. Not brushing and booking regular grooming will cause matts in your dog. We cannot stress this enough. One of the best ways to make this easy is to use detangling products. Grab our g’oodles detangling spray and line-brush through that coat at least 3 times a week, follow up with a comb to make sure all the knots are out. Give your groomer our detangling shampoo and spray to use when your dog is getting washed. 

Bed. Imagine not getting out of bed for a week, would you have that big old nasty knot in the back of your hair like I would? If your dog is sleeping in the same position all the time they are going to cause rubbing in those areas and knots will form, which can turn into matts. Encourage your dog to get up once in a while so you can give them a brush out. Ideally, if your dog is senior or has physical ailments perhaps keep them short to prevent this entirely! 

Allergies. Allergies can happen for many reasons (diet, environmental), and the problem is allergies cause itching and scratching. This constant itching of the fur causes friction which can lead to increased knots and matts. Consult your vet if allergies are persistent and if your dog has excessive itching. 


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