Tangled Troubles: What to Do If Your Dog Has Matting

So, your oodle has some matting? Breathe. We aren't here to judge, we are here to help and make your dog comfortable again. 

Don't brush. 

If the matt is not severe and isn't close to the skin, you can try and brush it out. Use a detangling spray to help and take it gently. BUT, if it's already close to the skin you will cause your dog pain by trying to brush or comb it. Matts pull on the dog's skin and you will add to this already sensitive area. If it's close to the skin, leave it and head to your groomer to get it taken out professionally.

Don't cut.

Not only is it dangerous but it's similar to doing your eyebrows. You take 1 eyebrow hair out....your whole eyebrow looks different! Cutting out one matt will probably leave a hole in your dog’s coat, and leave them looking and feeling silly!

Don't wash. 

Trying to wash a matt out can make it worse! But on top of that, matts are already a breeding ground for moisture and bacteria so washing can further infect this area causing way more issues. Take them to a groomer, they may be able to salvage some length if the matts aren't too bad yet. If they are too close to the skin, the groomer will need to take the blade as close to the skin as possible. This goes for getting your dog wet at the beach as well.

Be honest with your groomer.

Your groomer needs to know if there is any matting on the dog so they can take the right approach and make your dog comfortable again. If your groomers asks, "Have you been brushing?" It's not a trick question, they just need to know what they are in for!

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