Your Ultimate Guide: Top 10 Oodle Grooming & Care Tips

We've updated our Top 10 Oodle Grooming and Care Tips as we head into 2024 - check them out! 

Firstly, oodle coats will differ from wool, fleece, hair or even a combination! But whether you have a cavoodle, bordoodle or groodle these tips can help set you and your oodle up for success!

 1. BOOK YOUR DECEMBER CLIP IN SEPTEMBER. We’re not joking. The goal for this year, don't call your groomer in December and ask them to get a groom the week of Christmas. Get organised, do better!

2. BRUSHING ISN’T ENOUGH. Always follow up brushing with combing. We recommend a slicker brush, followed by a greyhound comb to ensure all the knots are out.

3. IF IT’S NOT EVER DAY. We know life gets in the way, and we absolutely want you brushing every single day. But, kids and work and we get it (you're talking to two baby mummas here). Aim for a minimum of 4 times a week if this is going to help lighten the load, and don't go under this. Paired with a detangling spray, 4 times a week will help. There’s no doubt about it.

4. DO NOT CUT MATTS OUT. Unless you want your dog to walk around with holes in it's coat! Put the scissors down, what is this amateur hour!?

5. DO NOT WASH MATTS OUT. This makes them worse, so much worse!

6. DO NOT BRUSH MATTS OUT. Matts that are already formed and are close to the dog’s skin will pull on the dog’s skin when brushed. This is painful and uncomfortable and you won’t get it out if it’s that formed anyway. If your dog has matting it’s safest to be taken to the groomer so they can remove appropriately.

7. DON’T WASTE TIME. Book your next grooming appointment while you are picking up your dog from the groomer. Tip: BEFORE your dog comes out and it's a hectic vibe in reception. No one wants that!

8. DESENSITISE YOUR PUPPY. Your oodle puppy will have a lifetime of brushing and grooming ahead of them. So the earlier you start, the better your puppy's experience will be. Book your puppy into the groomer to have a wash or a tidy in it’s first few weeks. And remember to get your puppy use to having their paws, muzzle and ears touched. You can do this at home with a bag of treats!

9. GIVE YOUR GROOMER THE GOODS. If you have purchased g'oodles detangling shampoo and spray then give them to your groomer to use during their session.

10. ALWAYS BE IN TUNE WITH YOUR DOG. Look to your dog for guidance, and they will do the same to you. Trust goes both ways, and we want positive experiences for our pooches.

Extra tip! Work with your groomer. They want what is best for your dog, so always be honest with them about the condition of your dog’s coat so they can set your dog up for success. Communication - both ways - is important with your groomer!


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